Uniblock Battery

  • $475.00 USD
SKU: LE-UB-8 (8Ah/115Wh)

Meet the newest member of our battery line-up, designed for today’s cameras and their operators: Lentequip's Uniblock. It has the capacity and the balance of weight and size sought after by Steadicam operators, smart battery communication capabilities for on-camera displays, NiMH chemistry that assures you no travel restrictions for working around the globe, and superior construction for utmost in reliability and dependability. This new battery is perfectly suited for the new ARRI Alexa and the RED One.


Size LE-UB-8 16 x 12 x 6.5cm (6.3 x 4.7 x 2.6") : LE-UB-12
Voltage 14.4V
Capacity LE-UB-8 115Wh / 8Ah : LE-UB-12 173Wh / 12Ah
Weight LE-UB-8 1.5kg / 3.4 lbs : LE-UB-12 2.2kg / 4.8 lbs.
Chemistry NiMH
Mount V-Mount Compatible
Battery Gauge 5-stage LED capacity display
Power Tap 3 pin Fischer connector for 14.4V compatible accessories (also serves as a charging port)
Case Material Polycarbonate ABS alloy
Charger QC-4X smart charger
Charge Cable LC-UB (see below)
  • SMBus camera communications
  • Capacity display compatible with RED One
Safety Features
  • User-replaceable main fuse
  • Reverse-polarity charge protection
  • Resettable fuse on power tap
  • Thermal fuse protection
Other Features
  • No travel restrictions
  • Main fuse protected by a user accessable access cover