I have redone several of my cables with this connector. I feel much safer now, knowing that if an AC jams it in reversed, it'll not fry my device. Worth every penny.

danieldp.com, USA

Lentequip's SafeTap provides protection for your expensive equipment and peace of mind in the production or rental house environment. It delivers value far and away above its modest cost, and is supported by a friendly and ethical manufacturer.

Charles, B&H customer

Lentequip's SafeTap is all I use on all my rigs because it gives me peace of mind, and most importantly it protects my investment. I wouldn't drive a car without insurance and I wouldn't risk going abroad without my shots. Similarly, I won't let my gear on set without SafeTaps.

Ray Dumas, csc, Cinematographer, Toronto

This is a great product. I've loaned out my gear before, only for someone to reverse the polarity and blow it up. These are now on all my cables. If you make your own cables these are a godsend and only cost a few dollars more than the Antons. You'll thank me. I agree with the other reviewer. Worth every penny.

Eric, B&H customer

I'm very happy with my SafeTaps! Thank you.

Peter Kotschy, Lonely Films, Hungary

...deine Erfindung ist Spitze.

Gregory Koczy, Kameratechnik, Cinegate, Berlin

It came to my attention today that your SafeTap very much works! An impatient assistant jammed a P-Tap splitter box in backwards. Your SafeTap was plugged into the reversed box... then into the Arri Mini. Needless to say, the Mini is fine, no thanks to the assistant, much thanks to you. Love this product.

Triton Hall, Prep-technician, Toronto

They are wonderful! I am making some cables now, and I really love the build quality. I am pretty sure we wanted a 100 though.

Can we still arrange that?

Maarten van Wanning, Camelot Rentals, Holland

Ja, alles in Ordnung!

Leider 2 Tage zu spät gekommen. Kurz vorher ist noch ein Teradek zerstört worden.

Aber das passiert ja jetzt nicht mehr! :-)

Fabian Piehler, Vantage Film, Germany