SafeTap: Save Your Gear with the Brilliant Power Tap

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Now shipping new Revision 4.  SafeTap Revision 4 ensures that the ground connection ALWAYS comes first which has been proven to minimize 12G SDI driver electronics damage on newer cameras when using external P/DTap accessories.  Buy more, save and PROTECT more gear!

Patented protection for all your P or D Tap powered accessories. Built-in microprocessor monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage, short circuits and prevents battery deep discharge.

NOTE: We've discovered really cheap knockoffs of our SafeTaps coming from China going by the name "Safe D-Tap" and the like.  Support the REAL thing and ONLY buy genuine SafeTaps!

SafeTap: It's not money spent, it's money SAVED!

Upgrade your connection today.

  • Stop using the P/D-Tap connectors on your expensive state-of-the-art equipment. Why? (READ THIS TESTIMONIAL NOW!)  One reverse polarity insertion and you'll be happy you did! Reverse polarity insertions are among the leading causes of P-Tap'ed equipment failure. The patented SafeTap detects this disastrous condition and never enables its output. Lentequip’s SafeTap connector is a complete reinvention of the existing PowerTap by Anton Bauer and similar D-Taps, featuring a first ever computer controlled connector. Built-in intelligence monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage and short circuits so you'll never need to worry about damaging your expensive equipment due to any of these hazardous conditions! The reverse polarity protection alone will save rental houses and owner operators costly repairs with unnecessary production downtime and lost revenue.

  • The SafeTap provides user feedback via its multicoloured LED. 8 amps continuous may be drawn from the connector but may have to be slightly de-rated based on ambient temperature, lead length and the cross section of cable used. A sleep mode is activated at 10V, indicated by a blue light, to guard your battery against deep discharge. This feature prevents your costly power source from draining into the damaging extreme low voltage zone should you inadvertently leave a powered accessory unattended.

  • The SafeTap was also designed with easy and speedy assembly in mind. Knock-out sections on the left and right side of the housing allow for easy cable exit.  Cable strain relief is accomplished via a simple yet effective tie wrap.

  • NOTE: To ensure polarity protection for your equipment you MUST have the SafeTap wired on the cable that goes DIRECTLY to the equipment that you want to protect!  Putting a SafeTap on a PTap splitter, for instance, will NOT protect "dumb" PTaps plugged into the splitter from reverse polarity!

  •  Each SafeTap comes with instructions

The SafeTap is patented in the USA, 10014632 and in Canada, 2,889,893.

German Utility Model registration 20 2015 008 905. Other countries pending.

Each SafeTap is 100% tested and guaranteed for one year.

RoHS compliant.


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