Eyewear Viewfinder Cushions

  • $19.99 USD

Lentequip is very pleased to introduce its line of premium Eyewear™ microfibre eye cushions. We have sourced an incredibly soft and environmentally friendly material and added our unique pillow embossing pattern to give you even greater comfort. The tab featured on the side of the eye cushion is there to hold on to when gently stretching the Küps and Kanüs over your eyepiece while ensuring that you also pull the microfibre material along with the foam backing. All eye cushions are immediately sealed after manufacturing in a partially vacuum packed bag in order to displace less volume in shipping.

Our new Küp and Kanü lines designate round and oval shapes respectively and the packaging is colour coded to help you quickly find the required size based on the chart below. The RED bags designate the smallest size for the Küp and Kanü shapes followed by the BLUE and then the GREEN colour. Symbolic round and oval shapes have been designed and printed on the top right corner of the bags to indicate the round or oval shapes within the pouches. Convenient holes are punched in the bags allowing you to display the product in your expendables department if so desired.


Sizing Chart in PDF

Sizing chart in PDF.


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