Wireless HD Compatible Transmitter by CanaTrans®

  • $1,495.00 USD
  • Save $2,500 USD

The only true professional VHF/UHF FCC approved wireless HD compatible video transmitter under Part 74.870. An unprecedented line-of-sight range of over 1,000 feet with adjustable output power. No other transmitter can surpass its ability to penetrate solid objects or maintain a robust signal while the transmitter and receivers are in constant motion – all this without delay while being able to be received on any number of conventional NTSC or higher resolution PAL receivers. The CanaTrans White Space transmits 720 x 487px in NTSC and 720 x 576px in PAL.

Still using your original CanaTrans?  Special upgrade price available to original CanaTrans owners for a limited time!!

CanaTrans White Space also available as a package kit with the Tandem tuner and two power cables of your choice, see image below.


Power input 7-30VDC on Arri wired IVS 4 pin Fischer connector (same pin-out for power as previous CanaTrans)
Video input HD/SDI all formats except 3G
with active video loop through
Audio In 2.5mm mini connector, line level i/p
Monitor 3.5" 320x240px QVGA
User Interface Intuitive icon based selection
Output Power 1/16 to 1W adjustable in six steps
Antenna Reverse polarity SMA, unit comes with a set of 3 antennas
Dimension 14.4(l)x11.2(w)x5.5(h)cm
Weight 800g (1.7LBS)
Mounting Dovetail installed on rear of unit - removable by customer


Fully engineered and built in Canada.


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