Block Battery

Our block battery addresses many features often requested of such a product: virtually indestructible, protected connectors, dual switchable voltages, very service friendly, interchangeable and precisely fitting parts and a battery capacity indicator. It is also the smallest block battery to fit in all Fischer dollies! 

When the time comes to re-cell this block, all that is required is an Allen key. New cell pack inserts can be obtained directly from Lentequip to make this chore a snap – literally. 

Our unique battery capacity indicator give the user a true capacity measurement in 20% increments. It truly characterizes the battery capacity by actually measuring the incoming charge versus the outgoing drain therefore being totally independent of battery voltage.


  • 13/26V switchable voltage
  • NiMH
  • 30Ah @ 13.2V / 15Sh @26.4V
  • 396Wh
  • Charge time: ~6h


  • Charge cable included
  • Also available as part of a package deal
  • Custom handle engraving available
  • Custom lid and handle colours available for large orders
  • Block Battery with ARRI D-20 photo at left from ARRI News 09/2005


LB-13/26NBlock Battery, 13/26V, NiMH, 396Wh$1,595.00 USD

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