• $745.00 USD

Never power off your RED again - or any other 12V accessory for that matter.

This amazing new device will allow you to seamlessly transfer between block batteries connected to a RED camera in a glitch-free and controlled manner. Connected batteries are subjected to a voltage test to ensure compatibility with the RED input voltage of 10-17 volts. Once this test is successfully met, the input LED will turn green and the battery is subjected to a momentary test current of 5 amps. If both tests are passed the voltage is then directed to the output and shown via an animated LED sequence. When the voltage drops below 11 volts, the LED colour sequence turns orange. Below 10 volts, the LEDs turn red. This signals the operator to connect a charged battery to the alternate BatteryBridge input. The same tests are performed on the newly connected battery and if successful, the user will be prompted with a flashing blue LED to initiate the “Push To Transfer” function.

A bonus however is that if a tested battery is already present, the BatteryBridge will automatically do the transfer! This transfer is done without interruption to the output load and, most importantly, without any voltage or current spikes as you would expect from a cabled solution.

An added benefit of using the BatteryBridge is the ability to push and HOLD the transfer button while two good batteries are connected. The BatteryBridge will then parallel the two inserted batteries for extended capacity and camera runtime. If a battery is removed while in parallel operation, the BatteryBridge will continue to power the load with the remaining battery. The BatteryBridge is a genuine Lentequip innovation made with the finest components available.

An invaluable tool for any RED user or anybody requiring an uninterrupted 12V power source.

We have manufactured an optional custom bracket that fits behind the BatteryBridge so that it can be clipped on to a V-Dock system. The wedge can be rotated in 90 degree increments to suit your application. No modifications are required to the BatteryBridge to install the bracket.


  • Microprocessor controlled battery swapping
  • Integrated monitoring of allowable battery voltage input range (10-18V), above 18V BatteryBridge will disallow the battery
  • Load tests battery to 5 Amps to ensure that voltage is sustainable under load
  • Voltage status monitoring by way of coloured LEDs
  • Inputs fused at 15 Amps per branch with easy access for replacement if necessary
  • Option to parallel (load share) between two good batteries
  • Auto transfer mode when a good battery is on standby
  • Sturdy die-cast housing with integrated overlay to show user status of BatteryBridge
  • Rugged internal construction without any discrete wiring


Dimensions 112 x 82 x 40cm
Input Dual 4 pin male XLR (pin 1 negative, pin 2 positive)
Output Single 4 pin female XLR
Fusing Dual 15A automotive blade fuses
Interface Transfer button
Transfer ready LED
Current flow indicator LEDs
Body Powder coated cast aluminum