ARRI 235 On-Board Battery Package

  • $2,995.00 USD

Lentequip has developed a new high capacity solution for the ARRI 235. These batteries are only compatible with the updated model QC-4X charger from Lentequip. Enjoy the immediate benefits of a remarkable increase in available power without any modifications to the camera whatsoever – no dangling cables, just pure strong battery power! The precision base ensures a unique and solid footing for the battery. The on-board battery securely slides locks into place thanks to Lentequip’s modified mounting system.  Adapter is finished with black anodizing to complement the camera. Limited availability, please contact us before ordering. This package includes:

  • 4 ARRI 235 high capacity on-board batteries
  • Mounting bracket
  • Smart charger
  • 4 charging cables
Voltage 25.2V
Capacity 4Ah, 100.8Wh
Chemistry NiMH
Accessory Connector R/S power out (3-pin Fischer)
Featured photo courtesy of Pille Filmgeräteverleih.