FCC Approved Wireless HD Compatible Video Assist Transmitter by CanaTrans

White Space, wīt spās,  n. - Underutilized portions of the radio frequency spectrum, notably those formerly allocated for analog television and those used as buffers to prevent interference between channels.

Why the CanaTrans® White Space?  You want a signal that transmits further, penetrates walls, and can be effortlessly received.  You want compatibility with industry standard HD camera signals, as well as flexibility across HD, HDMI, and SD formats.  You want to visually monitor your input line feed, and even use it as a remote monitor.  You want it because it builds on the success of its predecessor used on productions worldwide.

Welcome to the next generation of video transmitters.  Lentequip has taken everything that made the industry leading CanaTrans® the standard for excellence and pushed it to the next level.  Simply put, you want it because it works. Learn more here >