Block Battery & Charger Package

  • $6,380.00 USD

Lentequip has conceived a block battery that addresses many features often requested of such a product: Virtually indestructable, protected connectors, dual switchable voltages, very service friendly, interchangeable and precisely fitting parts and battery capacity indicator. It is also the smallest block battery to fit in all Fischer dollies! When the time comes to re-cell this block, all that is required is an Allen key. New cell pack inserts can be obtained directly from Lentequip to make this chore a snap – literally. Our unique battery capacity indicator give the user a true capacity measurement in 20% increments. It truly characterizes the battery capacity by actually measuring the incoming charge versus the outgoing drain therefore being totally independent of battery voltage.

Check out our new NiMh block battery at twice the capacity – 14Ah at 26.4V, 28Ah at 13.2V!

All our block batteries come with a Lentequip charging cable made to work with our QC-4X smart charger. These block batteries are only approved with Lentequip QC-4X smart chargers.