Tandem VHF/UHF Wireless Video Receiver

  • $1,495.00 USD

Welcome to the new Tandem® High Performance Video Receiver. Lentequip's new solution to a non-compromising companion for your CanaTrans or other high-end UHF (NTSC/PAL) or cable reception requirements.

Since introducing the CanaTrans, we have been repeatedly asked for our recommendations for an equivalent uncompromising receiver.  The only true solution was to design and build one ourselves to the same exacting high standards already set by the CanaTrans.  The Tandem was designed from the ground up meaning that inside you will not find cheap receiver modules that are commonly installed into other company's receivers.  By building a receiver from a discreet proprietary design, Lentequip has been able to provide you with a level of sensitivity and performance only matched by rack-mounted units costing as much more!

The simple interface allows the user to easily navigate through the channels. At a touch of a button you can store or delete commonly used channels.  There is no need for any tools to switch channels - just read the details right off the large back-lit dot-matrix screen.  Power cable compatibility is assured if you already own a CanaTrans.

Thanks to the frequency agile characteristics of the Tandem, reception is possible just about anywhere in the world in either VHF/UHF (NTSC/PAL) as well as most cable channel offsets. Microprocessor based technology allows for future upgrades if necessary.


  • Multi-band tuning (VHF/UHF/Cable)
  • RF sensitivity meter allows precise antenna fine tuning adjustment
  • Front panel antenna/cable selection
  • State-of-the-art RF components and design
  • Frequency synthesized channel selection
  • BNC antenna input connector
  • One model covers most RF standards worldwide
  • BNC output, 1V p-p into 75 Ohms
  • Carrier absent detection
  • Microprocessor controlled unit
  • Add/Remove channel preset list
  • Intuitive menu based graphical interface
  • Factory customized ownership information (just like on the CanaTrans)
  • One-button reset for all user-configurable parameters
  • Rugged custom switch overlay for interfacing with the Tandem®
  • Display viewable in direct sunlight
  • 5-30V input power operating range
  • Optional Sony battery plate for use with NP-QM71(91)D batteries
  • Battery capacity icon
  • Adjustable audio gain, 0, -6dB, mute
  • Audio trap filter selectable
  • Quality, industry standard Fischer input connectors
  • Ruggedly shielded interior assembly designed to comply with RF emission standards
  • 118mm(l) x 90mm (w) x 37mm (d)
  • 4.6" (l) x 3.5" (w) x 1.5" (d)



Tuning Range 52-820MHz
Standards VHF/UHF & CATV (most countries)
Input Levels -57dBm to +10dBm
Special front-end attenuation for strong input signals
Input Sensitivity -77dBm with video S/N <26dB
IF Frequencies 1st: 939.75MHz
2nd: 45.75MHz NTSC, 38.75MHZ PAL
Input BNC Return Loss >14dB @ 50 Ohms
>12dB @ 75 Ohms
Output BNC BNC, 75 Ohms, return loss >30dB
Frequency Response 0dB - 3.58MHz
-2dB up to 4.2MHz
Nonlinear Distortions Diff. gain <5%, diff. phase <2%
Audio Output Female 2 pin Fischer, 600 Ohms
Audio Level 300mVp-p @ 1KHz, mono
Frequency Response 20Hz - 15kHz
Audio S/N >55dB
Level Control 0, -6dB, mute



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  • A battery mount backing is available, making it easy to use a Sony NP-QM71D or NP-QM91D battery to power your Tandem.