CrewView Camera Streaming

  • $1,995.00 USD

Need to Social Distance on set?  This is the answer!

RENTAL UNITS AVAILABLE.  Contact us for current availability.

Here’s an elegant and easy way to get live video from your cameras directly to iPads around the set. Lentequip has a new combination: CrewView hardware and CrewView App - just get the hardware and build your own system!

The basic component required to stream to your iPad is our Lentequip Transcoder (one required per camera) and our CrewView APP from the Apple App store. Additional pre-configured components can be supplied by Lentequip to complete the system or perhaps you may already own them yourself.  These include:

  • Apple Airport Express Router (this will be replaced with an alternate version)
  • AJA Downconverter model HD10M3, one per camera
  • Desktop ethernet switch with PoE capability
  • Access point to provide high performance Wifi streaming

When purchased together, Lentequip will pre-configure the system for you as a plug and play solution.

Lentequip's compact system can transmit up to two HD camera signals via WiFi to up to 20 iPads. You don’t need a degree in computer sciences or be a video engineer. Individual iPad users join the network and launch the CrewView App. The software will automatically find the base station and display two thumbnails of the camera images. From there, select one or both of the cameras to be displayed on your tablet. Portrait and landscape orientation on the iPad are supported as well as single image pinch zoom function in revision 2!

A frame grab feature is also included. Any frame can be captured and automatically inserted into your iPad pictures folder. No more pilgrimages to video village for script supervisor references, director or camera crew notes. The CrewView inputs can be configured to be used with Lentequip’s Canatrans White Space Transmitter and Tandem receiver, with hard-wired inputs, or a combination of both. The range of the broadcast is that of a typical WiFi network but can be increased with the addition of a professional access point.  Delay of the displayed images is on the order of only couple of frames!

On-set security has often been mentioned as an area of concern with any Wifi broadcast. The CrewView system can be administered with passwords to allow only legitimate viewers to log in. These passwords can be updated as required.

The CrewView App is available to professionals on iTunes. 

For more information on this setup please contact us at 416.406.2442 or

Get the picture to the crew and clients with this easy solution!

Note: It is recommended that the CrewView App be run on an iPad Air or latest version of the iPad mini or iPhone for the smoothest picture flow and that all background Apps be closed.