CanaTrans® Video Transmitter

  • $1,495.00 USD

This older model CanaTrans will be phased out.  We have a limited number of them still available at a reduced cost listed below. Once they are gone, that's it. Our new CanaTrans White Space now takes over and is available at a great introductory price.

Variable RF power levels, variable video and audio gain, video absent notification, wide range input voltage and optional GLOBAL EDITION – usable around the world! These are just some of the features that put the CanaTrans in a class of it’s own! Exceptional engineering and production techniques means that you will also enjoy state-of-the-art reliability backed by uncompromising support and service.

The CanaTrans is now the UHF transmitter of choice with hundreds of users worldwide! Leading rental houses and camera operators are already enjoying the vast benefits of this new device. Just read some of the comments received by Lentequip in our testimonial section below. If you have any questions just call us – we will be happy to assist you in your decision making process. Ask about our CanaTrans/Tandem pair pricing!

We have added some of the popular non-cable accessories for the CanaTrans on this page for your convenience. Cables and antennas have their own section in the store.

We have created a new CanaTrans “Lite Edition”. It features all the same features as the regular CanaTrans but is limited to a maximum 1/2W output power and is NOT available in Global Edition – please specify the country for which the use will be intended.


  • 1W maximum output power.
    Highest power in its class for unprecedented transmission range. Over 1000 ft. line-of-sight.
  • Output power level software adjustable (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1W).
    Eliminates the need for RF pads. Uses only the power required without unnecessary dissipation. Allows you to adjust your power level to match your working environment.
  • State-of-the-art RF components and design.
    Gives you high quality, powerful and reliable transmission in a compact package.
  • Miniature SMA antenna connector.
    Will not be confused as a video input. Allows for future interchangeable antenna options.
  • Interface

  • Microprocessor controlled.
    Gives you reliable, intelligent operation.
  • Adjustable intensity display, viewable in direct sunlight.
    Allows you to choose the right level to match your environment.
  • Intuitive menu based graphical interface with optional audible feedback (key beep).
    Allows you to operate the CanaTrans quickly and easily with minimal instructions.
  • Available with factory customized ownership information.
    Helps identify your unit.
  • One-button reset for all user-configurable parameters.
    Easily return the CanaTrans to a known state. Extremely useful in a rental house environment.
  • Video

  • ARRI compatible IVS input.
    Allows you to seamlessly connect to ARRI MM outputs.
  • Adjustable video gain (±10dB).
    Allows you to compensate for varying video signal levels! This feature allows you to boost dark signals and dampen overly bright video levels.
  • Video absent detection.
    Lets you know if your video input has become disconnected.
  • Standard BNC video input.
    Offers you an alternate, standardized video input.
  • Isolated power and video ground.
    Preserves video signal integrity and provides separation from external power supply noise.
  • Integrated video test pattern.
    Helps to troubleshoot external video problems.
  • Power

  • 12-30V input power operating range.
    Allows you to power from both 12V and 24V systems through one input.
  • 12/24V power system auto detection with low battery warning.
    Knows which power system you're on and treats it accordingly. User adjustable auto-shutdown thresholds to protect your battery system.
  • Battery capacity icon
    Shows you relative remaining battery capacity.
  • Audio

  • Adjustable audio gain (±10dB).
    Allows you to compensate for varying audio signal levels.
  • Construction

  • Quality, industry standard Fischer input connectors.
    Makes integration with your equipment easy and reliable.
  • Rugged construction throughout with reliable flat-membrane interface switches.
    Reduces service issues related to faulty and cumbersome switch assemblies.
  • Modular design.
    Facilitates a consistent and reliable manufacturing process.
  • Mounting plate featuring labeled imperial and metric hole patterns.
    Gives you flexible mounting options for various applications.
  • Attractive look, solid design and feel.
    Compliments high-tech camera and Steadicam packages.
  • Specifications

    Dimensions ~9.0 x 8.0 x 3.5cm
    Weight ~350g
    Material Aluminum, painted and anodized
    Power Input 12-30V DC (35V max)
    Video Input 1Vp-p composite, isolated ground
    Audio Input Line level, mono
    ARRI IVS Standard Power & Video Connector Female 4 pin Fischer
    Alternate Video In Connector Female BNC
    Audio In Connector Female 2 pin Fischer
    Antenna Connector SMA (2 antennas included)
    Output Power 1/16 to 1W in six adjustable steps
    Modulation NTSC or PAL (model dependent)
    Channels 20-50 UHF (31 channels)
    "...The future for RF transmitting is looking promising again. (For the product as well as for the Customer Service)."
    - E.L., Excerpt from

    "...Truly the next stage in transmitters ...One of many great Steadicam tools that I will now wonder how I lived without."
    - A.J., Excerpt from

    " ...I have now been using my CanaTrans for over three years and I still love it. It has proven to be very reliable, user friendly, and it does not create any distortion or feedback on the Steadicam or any of the other cameras that I have used it with--and the voltage display is a nice bonus for the steadicam monitor/video battery."
    - M.A.P., Camera / Steadicam Operator, USA

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