The P-Tap Reinvented

Lentequip’s new Patent Pending SafeTap connector is a complete reinvention of the existing PowerTap by Anton Bauer and similar DTaps, featuring the first ever computer controlled connector. Built-in intelligence monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage and short circuits so you'll never need to worry about damaging your expensive equipment due to any of these hazardous conditions! The reverse polarity monitoring alone will save rental houses and owner operators costly repairs with unnecessary downtime and lost revenue.

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Lentequip's SafeTap "A Game Changer"

December 16, 2014

"This simple device is one of the little game changers that’s perfect to have in your tool-kit." claims Daron, a reporter for Sound & Picture Magazine. He goes on to say: "It’s also...

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Video Assist on your iPad? You bet!

January 21, 2014

Introducing Canacast!  The first ever direct to iDevices broadcast system that can be installed without a degree in computer engineering.  

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Charge your iPhone/iPad now on set!

December 02, 2013

Check out our new P-Tap charger that is iOS compatible.  Never go low on your iOS batteries again, just use one of the camera batteries to charge it up.

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Canatrans WS @ Talamas

October 03, 2013

New @Lentequip CanaTrans White Space Tx for @ThisOldHouse VHF/UHF HD-SDI ready,no delay, great range & FCC approved! — Talamas Broadcast (@talamasbcast) September 27, 2013

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