CanaTrans. The other unsung hero behind the scenes in the Oscar winning film Argo

Argo is a dramatization of the joint Canadian-CIA secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomats out of revolutionary Iran. In reality, the rescue would not have been possible without the brilliant plan orchestrated by then Canadian Ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor.

Just as the rescue operation would not have been possible without Mr Taylor's assistance, so too would the seamless video assist have been without CanaTrans. Our transmitter was used extensively on the set and, as seen in the Iranian marketplace scene, no other transmitter will perform better, especially when both transmitter and receiver are in constant motion or when a single transmitter needs to broadcast its signal to multiple receivers simultaneously.

“We used CanaTrans on Argo and we used it many times before on other productions. We’ve been very happy with its performance: very consistent with solid signal on reasonably far distances. It is a trouble-free work horse SD Transmitter. We used a CanaTrans [Tandem] Receiver, which is paired nicely with the Transmitter.”
– Zoran Veselic, First Camera Assistant, Argo

Lentequip, with its CanaTrans Transmitter, takes pride in the fact that Argo's Oscar win comes with a little help from Canada – once again!

Emery Soos
Emery Soos


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